Where did our name come from!!!

Many have asked where did the name for my business come from?

Rose & Ryan is named after 2 of the most important parts of my life, my children- well their middle names really.

I created this business with them in mind, after making some changes in my personal life to use more natural products in my own house. All of our products are first tested in my own home by myself, my husband and my children. Then once I am happy I pass them along to my trusted group of product testers.

I will never sell a product I wouldn't use or let my family use. My favourite blend would have to be Day Spa, this was one of the first rollers I created for myself and it is still in my bag every day. I feel amazingly relaxed after a Day Spa bath and following this with a foot rub from hubby using the Day Spa body butter helps me sleep better at night.

Where did our name come from!!!
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