Reasons To Use Essential Oils Instead Of Perfumes

I have been asked the question, why I decided to start this little business? So, I thought I would answer that question in this post. Over the last 10 or so years I have had many health issues and have looked to make some changes in my everyday life. This included my everyday exposure to chemicals and being conscious of what I am putting into and on my body. This was the start of my essential oil journey. Essential oils have been utilised to promote health and wellness for thousands of years. Many individuals have started using essential oils instead of perfume in recent years because they give several benefits that commercial fragrances do not. Essential oils are a fantastic way to smell amazing without wearing synthetic perfume.

  1. Essential Oils Offer A Pure, Clean, Natural Scent

Essential oils emit a pure, clean, natural smell that is just as powerful as any bottle of perfume. Essential oils are more natural than perfumes; they are great for aromatherapy; they smell great, and they are therapeutic.

  1. Essential Oils Last Longer Than Perfumes

Essential oils have a considerably longer shelf life than fragrances. Perfumes only last a few hours, whereas essential oils might last for several days. Why? Because there is no alcohol or other chemical that evaporates like perfumes, and essential oils are absorbed into the skin, a healthy smell is created. 

  1. Essential Oils Are Extremely Safe To Use

Essential oils are incredibly safe to use and are exceedingly rare to produce any sort of allergic response or negative reaction. While there are many wonderful perfume alternatives on the market today, the chemicals in most fragrances may do your body harm.

  1. You Can Layer Them To Create Different Scents

Essential oils have several advantages that go well beyond those provided by fragrances. Not only can essential oils be layered to produce new smells, but they also can cleanse the air and relax your mind and body. Essential oils can be mixed alone or in combination with other oils to produce unique fragrances. 

I originally started making oil rollers for my family and friends and then I had someone say I should be selling my products, this is how Rose & Ryan started. Since then I have grown my range by developing various natural products which are free from the harsh chemicals that are unfortunately found in so many of today’s products.  Thanks for joining me on this journey and I  hope that you love using them as much as I love making them..  


Reasons To Use Essential Oils Instead Of Perfumes
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